Bar:  Molly’s

Address:  546 State Hwy 333, Tijeras, NM 87059

OK, so Molly’s isn’t technically in Albuquerque.  But only takes six minutes to book through the canyon on I-40 East, and it’s just north off the Tijeras exit.  You’ll find it nestled in among elms and cottonwoods with a dirt parking lot.  It functions as a bit of a catch all for the East Mountain area –bar, family joint, package store and music, lots of live music. There’s no kitchen, but you can get a Trail Rider pizza from the trailer across the parking lot and they’ll bring it in for you.

There’s a nice outdoor patio, but we dive seekers stayed indoors to try and soak up that dive feeling.  The cooling at 4pm on this hot summer day was tolerable but not good. Dave wanted to add “cool in the summer” to the dive bar criteria, arguing that the experience should be akin to visiting a cave.  I told him it was too much work to change the dive criteria.  Also I think it might be at odds with the idea that a dive needs to stay cheap.

Molly’s is also a little bright what with its big windows, at least in the summer.  I guess a place like this would increase in diveyness in the cold and dark of winter.

The patrons are definitely the East Mountain eclectic, cowboy hat wearing, no-fuss crowd.  Everybody seemed to know one another AND the bartender, a combination that always makes me feel heart warmed and left out at the same time.  Ah well, I’ve still got Dave.  I’m more of a sit in a (dark) corner and scribble in a notebook type anyway.

So is Molly’s a dive?  Despite being light, bright, and kind of nice, it scores 8 out of 10 on the dive scale.    It’s a DIVE!


The Chart:

Cheap drinks $3 beers
Floor irregularities Duct tape on worn carpet
Dark A bit too bright with summer daylight
Bathroom deficiencies NOPE everything in good working order AND it was cute
Forbidden Fru Fru Drinks Not in here, baby
Regulars I think everybody in here might be a regular
Pool/darts Nice looking pool table
Quiet You can talk in here even if there’s a band outside
Questionable décor Faux grape vine over the bar with lit and glowing bundles

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