Dragon Horn Tavern


Bar:  Dragon Horn Tavern

Address:  2906 Juan Tabo Blvd NE  #A

Dave found this little gem by using Google Maps.  “Did you know there’s a bar attached to the Albertson’s across from the gym?  It’s called Dragon Snout,” he said.

“You’re shittin’ me,” I said (or something to that affect).

Because what would a bar be doing attached to a grocery store? Let alone one called Dragon Snout?   Well, it turns out there is a small strip center attached to that Albertson’s, with things like Sushi, a nail salon, and yes, a bar.  Not Dragon Snout but Dragon Horn, you can see how Dave could get that confused.

For all the times I have tooled up and down Juan Tabo, I never noticed this bar.  It’s really tucked in there and I don’t think they have road signage.  To top it off they have camouflaged the glass door by covering it in the same type of advertising plastic as the windows.  This is great for keeping it dark inside, but this seems to be a theme with dive bars.  Can’t find the door?  Might be a dive!

It’s plenty dark in the Dragon Horn.  I squinted at the half full bar for a good thirty seconds before I was convinced Dave was not already seated. As a woman walking in alone I generated curiosity from the patrons, who stared boldly back at me.  And why not?  They knew I couldn’t really see them.

I ordered a $2.75 pint of Bud on draft and Dave did the same when he arrived.  Dave thought the beer was a tad stale.  It seems unlikely given the general popularity of Bud and the fact that it’s their Happy Hour draft.  But who can tell?  Not us, I’ve been spending all my beer tasting energy the last five years on craft IPAs, and Dave doesn’t care for Bud.  Our next round was Pabst in the bottle, and you know what?  It was light, clean, and crispy.  Perhaps I’ll make a PBR fan yet.

And btw Dave still insists on calling the place Dragon Snout.

So is Dragon Horn a dive?  With a 9 out of 10 it’s definitely a DIVE!

The Chart:

Cheap drinks $2.75 draft pints of Bud or domestic long necks
Floor irregularities At least one bit patch of what appears to be missing tile
Dark No shortage of dark here
Bathroom deficiencies Bathroom wasn’t pretty but was in good working order
Forbidden Fru Fru Drinks “Ha, no, we don’t have anything chocolate. We don’t even stock vermouth!” said the very friendly bar tender
Regulars Definitely.  One patron even bought a round for the bar
Pool/darts Serious pool and darts, they have leagues here
Quiet We sat right in front of the speaker and still managed to talk
Questionable décor The place is FILLED with weird dragon art.  Dragon heads, dragon claws holding up shelves or lights, dragons with horns.  And what looked like a nautical figurehead copping a feel of her own left boob.




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